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Laser Welding Machine_LWI V Ultra FLEXX

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  • Size790 * 1400 * 900 mm
  • Weight250 kg
  • Payment TermsT/T

[Vision Industries Korea LLC.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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The new Vision Ultra Flexx sets new standards within the framework of repair welding. Whether it’s at a height of three metres, or in the centre of a five metre by five metre structure, with precise welding on the X, Y and Z axes, you can weld with the highest level of precision.
Of course, the system has the features already used in the Vision Workstation, such as PDS (Pulse Distance Synchronisation) and Teach-In. Through the PDS system, a precisely-adjustable overlap of the welding points is guaranteed, even with complex forms and completely different speeds.

The extremely-small processing head can be turned and tilted 360° in all axes. In conjunction with the microscopic tube being able to be turned by 260°, ergonomic work is ensured in almost any situation.





Compact operating head

You can comfortably work in narrow machine access with the extraordinarily compact microscope operating head. Shielding gas supply and high brightness LED illumination are already integrated, as are the electronic spot adjustment, high-speed anti-glare and laser shield filter. This eliminates the unnecessary tangling of cables.


Swivelling and inclinable

The microscope operating head can be completely swiveled and rotated by 360 degrees. The microscope itself can equally be independently rotated by 360 degrees. This guarantees ergonomic workspaces in practically every situation. The software automatically corrects the orientation and alignment of the movement axis to the joystick axis at the touch of a button.


Lockable arm joint

The extension arm can be cranked by the lockable joint. Machine edges, which obstruct the access to the weld joint with a straight arm, are thus overcome. This shows the unmatched flexibility of the Ultra-FLEXX, whose welding head can reach every angle.


Fast pre-positioning

You can conduct fast prepositioning through the extension of the extension arm in rapid traverse. In addition, this can be freely rotated over the tower axis. At the push of a button an eletromagnetic brake locks the arm. The software corrects the angle offset between the arm position and the axis of the integrated cross table. The operator thus retains the usual orientation.


Precise movement

Precise head movement in XY direction provides a stable cross table underneath the tower combined with the high-resolution, stepper motor-driven screw drive. The adjustment in the Z axis is accomplished via the tilt of the arm. The software corrects any deviations due to the real movement of the head on a radius by changing the arm length.



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Laser Welding Machine_LWI V Ultra FLEXX

Laser Welding Machine_LWI V Ultra FLEXX

Laser Welding Machine_LWI V Ultra FLEXX

Laser Welding Machine_LWI V Ultra FLEXX

Laser Welding Machine_LWI V Ultra FLEXX

Laser Welding Machine_LWI V Ultra FLEXX

Laser Welding Machine_LWI V Ultra FLEXX