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 editorimg                      Overview of our products  


LWI V Mobile-FLEXX - When flexibility counts  

If you want to be prepared for everything, the Mobile Flexx should be with you. All functions included in our workstations  as Unixx III or T-base are available here too. So you have full microprocessor control for all movements and the full synchronization of laser and movements. 

Even teach in, marking and 3-PCD are included in this unit. Equally to all of our workstations, the 4 axes can be upgraded to be used with a high precision rotation stage or even a wire feeder. Together with the strong platforn, the long distance motorized X axis allows for working on molds of size 2000 * 2000 mm. 


LWI V Ultra FLEXX - Precise laser welding on the spot

Whether three meters high or in the center of a 5 * 5 m mold- with the Ultra-FLEXX extension arm, you can reach every welding joint. The compact operating head, flexibly mounted on a numerically controlled extention arm with four axis, enables on integrated device concept with sophisticated automatic functions - ready for action for the customer on the spot.

Expand your business's range!


LWI IV MAXX - With 400 liter chamber volume

The MAXX combines the excellent properties of a LW14 laser welding device with all the advantages of a digitally- controlled three axis workstation. The unified class 1 laser system allows for operations directly within the manufacturing environment.

The integrated CAN-Step control's sophisticated automatic functions increase your productivity.

Safe, productive and precise! 


Workstation T-Base V2 - Stationary, for work pieces up to 150kg.

The Workstation T-Base V2 expands your FLEXX, turning it into a compact, open welding station with a digitally-controlled three-axis work table and a separate height-adjustable laser head.

With a unique control concept, you can extend manual welding via a precise motion control with sophisticated automatic and program functions.

Your benefit: increased productivity and replicable welding quality!


Workstation UNIXX III - Stationary all-rounder

Developed for those users who want to be prepared for everything. The highest precision, whether for repairing molds which weigh several tons, processing small tools or welding large sheet metal housings. When combined with a FLEXX laser welding device, the UNIXX III Workstation is ready for every welding task.

Always productive and precise!


LWI V FLEXX - The all-rounder

The LWI V Flexx series sets global standards in all areas of application for manual and joystick-guided micro-laser welding. With a medium output of either 120 watt, 2000 watt or 300 watt, the Flexx has the right laser capacity for every application.

Optimal power for your success!


LWI V Small Chamber Type - The compact manual work station

The LWI V Small Chamver Type provides you with a powerful, compact and unified manual workstation with the latest generation of laser. All of our lasers come from our own development. Our experiences from our many years of close cooperation with our customers are also incorporated in this device.

We use our experience to guarantee your success!



        For more details, please refer to the attached catalogue. Thank you. 

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